The most powerful word in goal setting

From the archives…

I wrote this post in January of 2021 when I set a goal to write a blog post each week for a year. I made it 50 weeks. Effort: check. I thought I could get to 1,000 subscribers. Result: unchecked.

I’m not there…yet. How about you with your 2021 goal(s)? If you aren’t there yet, let’s re-up and go another lap around the sun.

The best meeting advice I ever received

I spend most of my day in meetings and talking on the phone. How about you?

There are repeatable elements to a great meeting: Have an agenda, take notes, assign action items, instill accountability. All of that stuff is good.

But none of it is better than a piece of advice I received early in my career. I call it the golden rule of meetings.

The thing you need to know about yourself…that you probably don’t

Customer requirements. Profitability analysis. Marketing strategies. New HR policies. Company updates. New information be coming at us all day.

What if you could learn the same set of information twice as fast? What if I told you it was possible…once you know this thing about yourself.