Career advice for beginners

The greatest benefit I got out of college was figuring out exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. SIKE! In fairness, I got plenty out of higher education, but I can’t say career clarity was tops on the list. Here are three lessons I’ve learned since graduation day that can help if you’re just starting out.

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The warning passive job seekers need to hear

Got a job but lookin? You aren’t alone. U.S. workers are leaving their jobs for more money, more flexibility, more happiness. But before you go dancing in the streets, heed this warning…

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The secret to good execution

Your team invests oodles of time, energy, and resources into a project. At the moment, it’s 80% done and 0% usable. Sound familiar?

All of a sudden a new priority emerges. Resources are redirected and the initiative gets put on the back burner.

Yet some leaders still find a way to execute and complete the project.

What’s their secret?

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How to make hiring easy

Want to make hiring easy? Follow these can’t-miss steps, and I guarantee you’ll build a dream team that would make Captain America jealous… or at least put the Staples Easy Button on notice.

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The best meeting advice I ever received

I spend most of my day in meetings and talking on the phone. How about you?

There are repeatable elements to a great meeting: Have an agenda, take notes, assign action items, instill accountability. All of that stuff is good.

But none of it is better than a piece of advice I received early in my career. I call it the golden rule of meetings.

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The hidden treasure in companies today

Are you in a commoditized industry?
Haggling over price? Seeing growth slow? Does your product or service look a lot like the next guy’s?

No, this isn’t a pharmaceutical ad, although I am here to tell you – you are not alone.

Still, some of these companies are winning big.

Want to know why?

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