You Are An Innovator

Since you likely don’t work for Apple, Google or Amazon you might not think you are that innovative. If you aren’t in products, software engineering, or strategy maybe you don’t think you’re an innovator either.

But you are. 

Curious how I know?

Have You Ever…? 

Innovation doesn’t have to be a breakthrough game-changing earth-shaking idea. Like the iPhone, Alexa, or the McDonald’s McRib. 

Innovation can simply be coming up with a better way of doing things. That’s something I know you’ve done before.

Doug Hall, innovation guru, author of Driving Eureka, and founder of the innovation studio Eureka Ranch writes that:

“New products and services are just 10 % of the innovation opportunity inside a company; 90 % of the innovation opportunity lies in systems for working smarter.”

-Doug Hall

A few years back, the General Manager of our Orlando market came up with an idea. He gave his delivery drivers mini American flags to hand out to customers while on route during the 4th of July week. 

Guess what?

People loved it. So they doubled down. Candy hearts on Valentine’s Day. Mini pumpkin’s on Halloween. Green Beer on St. Patrick’s Day (ok maybe not this last one).

Sadly, unlike our Orlando team, most leaders don’t realize the little opportunities of innovation all around them. 

The Magic of….

How does Disney create their magic? They’ve been innovating for decades..why doesn’t the fairy dust run out? 

They continuously innovate because they ask their team to be innovators. To create what they call “little moments of wow.” 

Former Disney executive, Dennis Snow, writes in his book Lessons From The Mouse:

“Little “wow” moments may not always be consciously noticed each time by customers, but they still register and have a cumulative effect. What’s more, opportunities to create wow moments are everywhere.” 

-Dennis Snow

We all have the power to create little innovations or little “wow” moments at work.

When You Think of Yourself as An Innovator…

…then you start to see improvement opportunities all around you. 

You are an innovator. 

I’d love to hear from you how I know. Please hit reply or comment below to share your story!

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